Blood Beast (book)
Blood Beast cover
Author Darren Shan
Series The Demonata
Publisher HarperCollins
Previous Book "Bec"
Succeeding Book "Demon Apocalypse"

Blood Beast is the fifth book in Darren Shan's The Demonata series and was released 4th June 2007. It is narrated by Grubbs Grady, the narrator of Lord Loss and Slawter. The plot is part of a two part story, along with book six. Though the previous four books have not been in chronological order, this book is the furthest book into the future. It mainly deals with whether or not Grubbs Grady will be struck with lycanthropy and how he will deal with this problem.

The title was originally announced at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and Darren Shan read a small sequence about a demon attack on a plane, which featured Lord Loss.

Plot Edit

The first part of the book revoles around Grubbs as a schoolboy. He is plagued by nightmares and has to see the school councillor frequently.

Dervish Grady goes away to see Meera Flame, so Grubbs holds a party at his mansion. He grows closer with Reni Gossel, but accidentally performs magic whilst playing Spin the Bottle.

He covers it up, and life resumes as normal. However, Bill-E and Loch get Grubbs to help dig for Lord Sheftree's buried treasure. They make often visits and find a deep cave. Instead of consulting Dervish, the boys go straight to exploring. Grubbs feels sick, so he has a sit out. But when Bill-E and Loch go climbing, Loch slips and falls.

Bill-E runs to Dervish and Grubbs tries to conform the dying, unconscious Loch. To cover up the death, Dervish makes it seem as though Loch died whilst exploring the quarry.

Notes Edit

  • On page 255 in place of the normal Chapter Heading, "Fly Me To The Moon", the font is somewhat mirrored. Behind this is the name of the first chapter of the book "Damn the Sandman". Many fans thought that there was a sdadasdasdasd
  • author confirmed that it was only a typo.
  • The face Grubbs is the rock was Bec McConn, a distant cousin of Grubbs. They are presumably in the cave where she died 1500 years before. This is the first time in the series that a narrator has appeared in a book that they have not narrated.
  • Loch was accidentally murdered by Bill-E in a instance where Bill-E 'whipped his hand away'. This means that Bill-E performed the sacrifice.