Cal Grady
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Gret Grady (daughter)
Grubbs Grady (son)
Sharon Grady (wife)
Dervish Grady (brother)
Bill-E Spleen (son)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Lord Loss"

Cal Grady was Grubbs', Gret's (and Billy's) father, Sharon's husband, and Dervish's brother.

The Demonata Edit

Lord Loss Edit

It appeared that he was happily married to Sharon, his wife, but it turned out that while visiting Dervish in Carcery Vale he had a one night stand with a local woman, resulting in the birth of Bill-E. He was killed by Lord Loss, Artery and Vein as he failed the chess challenge against Lord Loss. He was the first found dead by Grubbs, where he's horrifically hung upside-down and decapitated.

Demon ThiefEdit

He was mentioned by Dervish when Lord Loss offfered a practice chess match with him.

Appearances Edit

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