Profession Lord Loss' familiar
Species Demonata
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Slawter"
Last Book Appearance "Slawter"

Gregor was a familiar of the Demon Master Lord Loss. First appearing aside two other demons, one a slug the other a small elephant.

The DemonataEdit


He was a large cockroach type demon with other demonic type features such as spikes for legs. He seems to have replaced Vein as she was killed by Lord Loss previously for disobeying orders. Gregor accompanies Lord Loss during his attack on the film set of 'Slawter'. Gregor attempts to chase the current protagonists at one time in the chaos. When Grubbs and Bo are about to escape it is stated Grubbs tried to attack Artery rather then Gregor due to the thought the small demon would be easier to manipulate. Later Grubbs tries to pitch him at Lord Loss, his attempt fails. He is killed by Grubbs by transporting Artery's flames (his eyes) into Gregor when they attempt to break the barrier surrounding 'Slawter'.

When they are attacking Gregor, he knocks out Juni Swan as she goes to kill the demon. He later dies at Grubbs' hands. Lord Loss later calls Gregor a fool for dying so easily. Gregor's importance towards Lord Loss is fairly debatable as he seems to have replaced the Demon Master's previous familiar Vein. Although when Gregor is killed, Lord Loss is enraged, calling him a 'Fool' showing that the Demon Master was clearly annoyed that his Demon had died so easily.

Trivia Edit

The name Gregor appears to be a reference to something, as Bo Kooniart says that it was "very funny" in Slawter. Grubbs, the narrator of this book, doesn't understand the reference, and therefore neither will the reader without further research.

This is in fact a reference to the short story, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, in which the main character, Gregor turns into a giant cockroach.

Somewhat strangely when this giant cockroach appears Artery has maggots in his hair instead of cockroaches

The mighty roach is larger then artery

Mother of god

Appearances Edit

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