Kirilli Kovacs was a spy Disciple. He used to be a coward in everyone's eyes, but then Grubbs noted that Kirilli was starting to fight the demons they encountered. Kirilli first appears in Death's Shadow.

Death's ShadowEdit

Kirilli is found in a life boat aboard a ship where Beranabus was killed by Death. There, Bec McConn and the rest of the group discover that he is a spy Disciple. Kirilli reveals that he wanted to be a stage magician when he was younger.When Beranabus was fighting Death, Kirilli runs away, then claims he wanted to clear a path for the rest of the group.When the zombies rise, Kirilli runs away after a zombie bites Kirilli's fingers off. At the end of the book, Kirilli is with Dervish and Bec in a lifeboat.

Wolf Island Edit

Kirilli is found in a hospital. He is bragging about the "heroic deeds" he did that didn't really exist. When a window opens he is reluctant to go, but one of the nurses asks him "Why don't you go in?" So Kirilli goes to the demon- infested universe.

Hell's HeroesEdit

Kirilli has to watch Kernel Fleck so that Kernel doesn't rebuild his eyes, as that is the only way Grubbs is keeping him to fight alongside him.

Kirilli dies because of a powerful demon master.


Kirilli seems to be a coward when he is introduced to the series. For example, when Beranabus was fighting Death, Kirilli ran away. But slowly, Kirilli finds the confidence that he needs in order to survive in the demon universe. Grubbs even thinks that Kirilli could be a powerful mage if not for his cowardice. When in front of Lord Loss, Kirilli says" This is what I think of your attention" after ripping a playing card using magic.

When Kirilli dies, Grubbs says " 'Tah-dah!' I croak miserably, eyes suprisingly welling with tears." This shows that Grubbs had started to be close to Kirilli.


Kirilli doesn't seem to have any powers, except for knowing how to use and control magic. Grubbs believes that Kirilli could've been a powerful mage if not for his cowardice.