Lodestone is a giant stone of pure magical energy. These were left on planets by the Old Ones. They are dangerous in the hands of the Demonata, as they can be used to make Tunnels from the Demonata universe to the Human universe.

Old Creatures used lodestones to protect and nurture sentient races on various planets. However, in the absence of the Old Creatures, humans or Demonata can use lodestones for their own ill needs. Lodestones are extremely powerful, and both demons and humans can draw from that power. Even in the human universe, in the presence of a lodestone one can accomplish extraordinary feats. Lodestones can be used to create a huge bubble of magic. Any with magic potential that is within the bubble can draw magic from the air like one would be able to in the Demonata Universe. This bubble is also a barrier that is incredibly sturdy. The best way to break through this barrier is to sacrifice a mage or demon that is being held up against the bubble. This will make a hole in the barrier that can be passed through. While resilient, a lodestone can be physically destroyed and drained of power. This can be seen in Death's Shadow when Beranabus destroyed the lodestone, causing all the energy it was releasing to vanish. However, it is also known that even a piece of a lodestone can contain a lot of power. In Dark Calling, and Old Creature carves a small, pocket-sized sliver of a lodestone off and gave it to Kernel. This piece would give Kernel enough power to both traverse through space and protect himself from it's inhospitableness.

Lodestones can draw more power from blood. In both Slawter and Death's Shadow, demons stack up dead bodies around a lodestone to give it more power. In Bec, a human sacrifice is needed in order to pour blood on the lodestone to close the tunnel. In Blood Beast and Demon Apocalypse, we learn that Loch Gossel's blood allowed a lodestone to be reactivated and usable once again. The blood of those with magical potential seems to grant lodestones considerably more energy than those without.

Known locations of lodestones Edit

Carcery Vale Edit

There was a lodestone under Carcery Vale deep under ground in a cave. This was used to create a tunnel years ago which was successful for a short while until Drust and Bec stopped it. It was opened later by Lord Loss because Bill-E let Loch Gossel die. Here is where the Disciples first sighted Death.

Appearances Edit

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